Arnold Henning

Hi, I'm a fifteen year old boy that absolutely love traveling and photography. I'm homeschooled for my intire life. I got my love for photography mostly from my grandfather who introduced me to photography and often lent me his camera. I slowly started to like photography and later bought me a camera and last year an photography drone.

My Equipment:
Canon EOS 600D
Canon 18-55 mm lens
Canon 55-250 mm lens
DJI Mavic Mini
GoPro Hero

Stiaan Henning

Hi, I'm a thirteen year old boy that love photography, geography, sport and traveling. When I was about 3 years old I told my mom I was going to play some kind of sport and tell people about Jesus Christ. Since my brother bought his camara I sometimes borrowed it and slowly but surely got more and more interested in photography and finally bought my own camara.

My Equipment:
Gopro Hero 8 Black
Canon Powershot 60x
Canon Powershot 10x